Angola Expo Milano 2015

A campaign and a book, Angola celebrates the International Coffee Day at EXPO Milano 2015

2 years ago

The book “Aspects of the History of Coffee in Angola” was released today at the Angola pavilion at EXPO Milano, in the context of several events dedicated to the International Coffee Day at the Universal Exhibition. The illustrated book of 66 pages written by the Angolan Álvaro Correia de Faria, and published by the Interministerial Commission of Angola to the EXPO, portrays the coffee-growing experience of the author, illustrates the colonial times and the after independence, its origins, the character of its production and methods of cultivation.

The campaign “Virtual Coffee” is another initiative of the Angola pavilion in allusion to the Global Day of Coffee. Each visitor is free to make a donation equivalent to what one would pay to for a coffee. It is a charitable campaign of the non-governmental organization OXFAM in favor of citizens in need of food.

A global forum on Coffee at EXPO Milano 2015 coincided with the celebration: The number of customers that increased worldwide and the incompatibility of the coffee with hypertension now seems controversial today.

Angola was in the 70’s the world’s fourth largest coffee producer. Despite the increase in consumption, prices remain low on the market. Angola is experienced and able to start re-producing one of the most popular variety of coffee worldwide, the Robusta Amboim.