Angola Expo Milano 2015

History of Angola at the Expos

3 years ago

The first official participation of Angola in Expo held at the World Exhibition in Seville in 1992, followed by participation in the International Exhibition of Lisbon in 1998, with the theme subordinate to the oceans.

The 2000 Expo in Hannover (Germany) was the first Expo to take “joint pavilions”, Angola have been invited to participate in  “Africa Pavilion”. However, for various reasons, Angola can not carry out their timely participation.

The Expo 2005 held in Aichi (Japan), Angola has participated as Country assisted in “Africa Pavilion”. It was from this collective experience that Angola has begun to outline its profile and position in subjects with African at Expos.

At Expo Zaragoza 2008, Angola participated for the first time with an independent pavilion, with a frontage carved all in wood, a veneration to the beauty and richness of craftsmanship and abundance of raw materials existing in Angola. Music, dance, art and performances were much appreciated and became the great attraction of the pavilion.

At Expo 2010 Shanghai, Angola back betting on individual pavilion, with a colorful and attractive design, shaped Welwitchia Mirabillis, striving for disclosure of its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage.

In recent Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea,  Angola becomes one of the most visited countries in Expo and consolidates its position as leader of the African presentations. With a multimedia frontage, a profusion of colors, where fish and men weave, Angola publicly takes its commitment to sustainable development, respecting the ocean and the people who depend on it. The quality of music, dance and Angolan cuisine are increasingly recognized and appreciated internationally.




Angola at Expo Milano 2015

The slogan chosen by the organization is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The concept aims to highlight not only aspects of human nutrition but also how we get from the planet what we need to live and what we give in return, promoting sustainability and renewal of resources.

Angola will be present at Expo Milano 2015 with an independent pavilion, with about 2000m2. It is established in this way with new patterns of perception to visitors and international press organs, making commitments to sustainable development and making a real contribution to the future based on stability and progress. Seeks to promote new networks that can be created by Angola, through global dialogue conducted by the Expo or other associated movements.

Meanwhile, Angola will continue its close relationship with African compatriots, playing a dynamic and active role in the consolidation of a “voice” of Africa in the BIE and the World Exhibitions, reinforcing the importance of the contribution of Africa to the development strategies of world politics.