Angola Expo Milano 2015

Letizia Moratti visits the Angolan Pavilion

2 years ago
Letizia Moratti, former President of the Milan Chamber and Manager, visited the pavilion of Angola. She was received by the Commissioner-General, Engineering Albina Assis Africano, and the Deputy Commissioner-General, Dr. Ditutala Lucas Simon. The named figure of Italian politics was welcomed with traditional Angolan dances and rhythms, before entering the pavilion’s exhibition. The Commissioner General of Italy, Bruno Antonio Pasquino also visited the Angolan Pavilion and joined the delegation. Moratti guest said to be impressed with the exhibition. At the end of the visit on the roof terrace, she answered questions to journalists. She explained that setting the Women at the center of the exhibition accounts for a major power they have, and their importance in sustainable development issues. She further praised the way the pavilion of Angola united elements of tradition and innovation in agriculture. According to the former Italian statesperson, information about the Angolan culture was made accessible to a wide audience “in an exemplary manner.” It was with great excitement and pleasure that Letizia Moratti saw accomplished a project that had begun to be planned already at Japan Expo 2006.