Angola Expo Milano 2015

September 25: Angola touches hearts

2 years ago

Today Cardinal Angelo Scola visited us. The Archbishop of Milan enjoyed the social message of the pavilion.

The message of the pavilion of Angola in Expo Milano 2015 has gained more impact yet. Considered as one of the countries that best knew how to interpret the theme of this Universal Exhibition (Feeding Planet, Energy for Life), the Angolan Pavilion attracted the attention of the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola.

“The structure of the pavilion and the great intention to teach, to educate, left me very impressed. There are a few things in human life as important as education to open up to the general and comprehensive sense of life. In this sense, I think the pavilion of Angola also represents a challenge for us Europeans, who often tend to reduce education only to a set of notions and information. The substance, the root of education is the very meaning of what a good relationship with yourself, with others, with nature, with God implies. I found all this here, and it is a beautiful gift that Angola made to the entire EXPO.”*

The Angolan Pavilion was amongst the three selected by the Italian RAI 3 TV channel, for a special report on September 3 that would precede the live broadcasting of the papal mass. The other two pavilions were the Holy See and the Zero Pavilion (of the United Nations).

* (translation of the statement of the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola)