Angola Expo Milano 2015

The Importance of Angolan Women Exhibited

2 years ago

mulher valorizada

Angolan women are valued in their country, as is shown in the pavilion. Italian critics recognize this increasingly. In Italy women complain about being ignored in a chauvinist society. Thus, the stark contrast, and thus the appreciation for the message shown in the Angolan pavilion.

Within the pavilion, Inspired by the Baobab (Imbondeiro) as mother-tree of life, the Angolan women are inferred stressing their part as mothers of the Angolan society.

Forty symbolic women, role models of society, were interviewed before the Expo. Their statements are shown continuously on the screens of the baobab. Talking about their personal role, they complement the idea of the women as nurturer of the family, not simply in their classical role as mothers and housewives, but as pilots, doctors, engineers, stylists, or business women too. This fits perfectly the concept and the message of the World Exposition: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

We invite you to see yet another video of a TV show dedicated to the pavilion and the Angolan women.