Angola Expo Milano 2015

Together for sustainable development

2 years ago

The Joint Parliamentary Assembly of African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (ACP) and the European Union met at Expo Milan 2015 on 26 and 27 September. A panel discussion opened the meeting. Fitz A. Jackson (Jamaica), Co-President, and Cécile Kyenge (Italy), Vice-President of the Joint Assembly, made the introductory remarks.

Mrs. Albina Assis Africano, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Commissioners General of Expo Milano and Commissioner-General of the Angola pavilion, made the keynote speech. She stressed how the challenges and the consequential tasks that the Assembly intended to discuss coincide with those of the Action Agenda of the United Nations of Sustainable Development and encouraged to make use of the possible synergies.

The speech was followed by a presentation of different public and private projects in the field of sustainable development and agriculture, and the first part of the meeting ended with a discussion of new solutions to these global challenges and closing remarks by the Co-President and Vice-President of the ACP-EU.

The program of this joint parliamentary meeting held as part of EXPO Milano continued with a ceremonial calendar, reserved for various official meetings, the signing of the Charter of Milan and visits to different pavilions. Again, the Angola pavilion received attention for a second time, by a visit of the Joint Assembly guided by the Commissioner-General.

At the signing of the Book of Honor Albina Assis Africa thanked the parliamentarians for their visit and stressed once again the important work they are doing.